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Hi! I’m Mike - a Front-End Developer & Designer from Long Island, NY. I like all things web, sports, cars & animals. Visit me on Facebook, or shoot me an email. *In an extremely simplified manner, below is some of my work!
Designing, Developing, TBA
Aimed to spread the awareness of autism. I'm designing and building this site through long nights and weekends. Click here to view the Work in progress.......
Subscription Based Landing Pages
Designing, Developing
Over the last few years I've designed and built endless amounts of these.
PP Admin Login
Designing, Developing
Login page for the administration section of a companies website.
Ultimate Sports Trivia & Quiz App
Designed, Developed, Marketed
Ultimate Sports Trivia & Quiz App was an "I'm bored at 2am in the morning, let's be productive" thing. Check it out on Google Play here! Ultimate Sports Trivia & Quiz
Designed, Developed
App label I publish my apps under, just a silly landing page with no true purpose!
Sip Tea Lounge
Designed, Developed, Wordpress
Custom theme I built in Wordpress for a great local tea shop on Long Island.
Visit site
Designed, Developed, Wordpress
Custom theme I built in Wordpress for a lacrosse startup check it out. Aimed at making the lacrosse community a better place!
Designed (Not a real site)
MixTime is concept that revitalizes online dating. It takes away shallow browsing, matching you with people you get along with rather than lust for.
Visit MixTi.me (it's just an image!)
Designed, Developed Front-End
OPCURA is an exciting and on-going project I've been working on with a great team. A front facing site and full patient portal as well as backend for admins. Opcura project is dead :(
Designed, Developed, Managed
QuoteSmile is a quote website - crazy right? Home to tens of thousands of quotes from everyone imaginable! You should go look for a few quotes. I've pulled the site down for now, ask for details!
The BMW 135i
Designed, Developed, Managed
This is a website dedicated to the BMW 135i. It's not a real site, so I wouldn't bother trying to navigate to it. I designed and developed it simply to create a project around something I love; driving my 135i.
Clean Contact
Clean Contact is a new, clean and quick way to get in touch with your contacts. All your common interactions are just a tap away.
Designed, Developed
Adix Mobile is a leader in global communications and application development. That's all I have to say about that project.
Mobile Reporting
Project which required me to design a mobile reporting interface. Sadly I do not code apps, therefor the extent of this project was just designing it.
Stock Quotes Express
Stock Quotes Express - again just designed. It does what it says, gets you express stock quotes; no frills, just quotes!
Designed, Developed, Managed
Why So Angry Birds? was created for fun. I wanted to see if I could hop on a trend and organically acquire traffic through SEO and social media.
Designed, Developed
Share Greeting Cards is a card sharing site. Choose a card, customize it, send it off. People love cards, don't they?